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What are the eligibility criteria for small businesses under the CARES Act? How much money can small businesses borrow and will that loan be forgiven? To answer these questions and many more, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen welcome Dr. Nick Silveri onto the podcast to discuss what this legislation means for all small practices and businesses. They talk about the importance of leadership during these difficult times as well as tips for stabilizing yourself, your team and your practice.

Episode Highlights

00:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen welcome to the podcast Dr. Nick Silveri to break down the impact of the recently passed CARES Act

06:05 – Eligibility

07:04 – What lenders will be looking for and the timeline for small businesses to act on this

14:01 – How much money small business owners can borrow

18:15 – Navigating through this unprecedented crisis as a small business owner

22:06 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a break to provide an update on The Remarkable Practice Attraction Immersion this April 2020

26:34 – The importance of leadership in these trying times

33:11 – Loan forgiveness

36:30 – Differentiating between the paycheck protection program, the disaster loan and the tax credit

41:26 – Strategies for stabilizing yourself, your team and your business

44:16 – Where listeners can learn more about Dr. Nick

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