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What do you do when your goals get derailed by unforeseen circumstances such as the one we’re currently living through? Where does your attention and focus shift to and what is the call-to-action for you and your team? In this episode, Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen glean insights into why goalsetting and goal resetting are critical to the success of your business or practice. They expound on the importance of casting vision, having contingency plans in place, and pairing goals with specific actions.

Episode Highlights

00:37 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen break down the importance of goal resetting and how to respond to difficult challenges posed during these trying times

09:39 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a break to promote The Remarkable Practice Conversion Immersion virtual events

12:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen provide strategies and frameworks for growth and goalsetting

17:16 – The importance of returning to the fundamentals and reigniting inspiration

21:00 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers

21:43 – Casting vision and setting micro goals

25:52 – The importance of pairing goals with specific action and having contingency plans

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