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Most DCs are already SUPER-COMFORTABLE speaking in front of a crowd…right? 😉 But many docs are finding out the hard way that speaking in front of a camera is a different deal entirely.

Join Dr. Stephen as he and influential speaking coach and digital delivery expert, Roberto Monaco from influencology, break down the vital behaviors and best practices of speaking to transform a digital world.

Are you doing webinars? Facebook Lives? Creating digital content?

Do you want to drive more engagement? Create more compelling content? See better conversion?

Then you are going to want to hear this conversation between these two experts in taking your message from the stage to the studio.

Episode Highlights

00:37 – Dr. Stephen introduces today’s guest, Roberto Monaco who speaks to his experience as a renowned public speaker and the value the virtual webinars can bring to chiropractic

12:58 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers

13:40 – Dr. Stephen and Roberto discuss how technology can drive engagement

21:58 – The importance of purpose and connection

28:58 – Where listeners can follow and connect with Roberto

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