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What does it mean to be the CEO? (Hint: We’re not talking about the traditional “E” for “executive”).

Turns out that the C“E”O means being the chief of three vital E’s of your business: Energy, Enthusiasm and Edification.

Energy means setting and directing the energy of the business. Enthusiasm means lifting others up as we are being pushed by our mission and pulled by our purpose. Edification means empowering team members with authority, responsibility and accountability.

Episode Highlights

00:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen introduce today’s topic, The 3 “E’s” in CEO

08:20 – How Energy can impact your business and practice

14:28 – The importance of Enthusiasm

17:37 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers

19:43 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen expound on the value of vision and sharing core values with your team

23:50 – The critical role that Edification plays in your practice

29:22 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen leave the audience with an actionable challenge

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