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Chiropractic Assistants make or break a practice. For you to have a durable business, you’ve got to get this right. In this episode you will gain insights from the CA recruiting expert and director of CA placement from Chiro Matchmakers. You cannot have a remarkable business without a remarkable team, and finally there is a proven methodology and system for hiring the ideal team member for each position in your business.

Episode Highlights

00:38 – Dr. Pete introduces today’s guest, Adriana who joins the show to share her background as a Chiropractic Assistant, the work she’s doing with Chiro Matchmakers and the importance of hiring the right CA

17:32 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers

18:14 – Adriana speaks to the importance of having Organizational and Accountability Charts in place

24:08 – Most commons challenges that Adriana has observed in the hiring process

30:02 – Adriana talks about the concept of blood typing remarkable CAs

36:40 – Dr. Pete thanks Adriana for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can follow her

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Resources Mentioned

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Dr. Stephen’s Book – The Remarkable Practice: The Definitive Guide to Build a Thriving Chiropractic Business

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