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Are you thinking about hiring an Associate Doctor? STOP! Check out this episode first. Listen in as Dr.Stephen interviews Dr. Mark Mouw from Chiro Match Makers. Dr. Stephen and Dr. Mark both bring deep experience in the Associate Doctor space. Dr Stephen has had 39 associates go through the Remarkable Apprentice Program in his practice and has coached thousands of DCs on the keys to getting this tricky relationship right. Dr. Mark runs a highly successful, multi-seven figure practice that leverages 3 associates gracefully and productively.

Most Associate relationships fail miserably because they were doomed from the beginning. Listen to these 2 masters share with you what they have learned along the way and now teach others to reproduce successfully.

Dr. Mark Mouw is the Associate Doctor placement expert for Chiro Match Makers.

Episode Highlights

00:39 – Dr. Stephen introduces today’s guest, Dr. Mark Mouw who joins the show to share his thoughts and best practices for hiring the right associate doctors to unlock your practice’s potential

10:25 – The different types of Associate Doctors

11:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers

14:53 – Dr. Mark speaks to the importance of getting the compensation structure correct

18:36 – Dr. Mark praises the work of caregivers in the chiropractic profession

21:01 – Dr. Stephen thanks Dr. Mark for joining the show and where listeners can follow him

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