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If you’re like many CEOs, then you’re probably frustrated with the seemingly endless changes in digital marketing, the difficulties generating consistent new patients, and with underperforming marketing campaigns. Listen in to our conversation with this trusted group of digital marketing experts, as we discuss how the CEO must position their brand and message in the marketplace despite the uncertainty and unknowns. Embracing the attributes of consistency, authenticity and uniqueness combined with leveraging automation and technology is what makes digital marketing effective. Learn what the experts advise should be done by you, done with you and done for you while you determine what’s important now, next and ultimately when developing the digital components of your business.

Episode Highlights

00:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen introduce today’s episode featuring a Digital Marketing Expert Panel

05:07 – Introducing today’s panel of experts

17:41 – Chiropractic marketing

19:38 – The panel discusses the importance of understanding what should be done by you, with you and for you as a CEO

30:04 – Lauren provides her thoughts on authenticity

32:33 – The importance of remaining patient in your marketing

34:35 – Dr. Patrick speaks to a unique platform he developed to attract and retain more people

40:51 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote the New Patient Attraction Immersion event

43:30 – Dr. Kirby discusses advertising strategies his practice utilizes

47:04 – Dr. Bo speaks to the pitfalls and must-haves for those looking to launch their own website

49:24 – The importance of building a story through content and context

57:01 – How to remain consistent in promoting your practice

1:00:15 – The panel of experts provides one final piece of advice to heed during these trying times

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