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Setting the stage for success and optimizing your associate doctor requires ongoing training and equipping. While onboarding is about establishing competency, mastery is developed over time. A-players love to be trained and be equipped and that’s why a training culture is essential if you desire a productive ongoing remarkable associate relationship.

Episode Highlights

00:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen introduce today’s topic, Training and Equipping the Right Associate – Part 4

08:07 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen highlight the value of the onboarding process

16:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen talk about the importance of aligning with an associate who shares your core values and vision

19:11 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Chiro Match Makers

20:46 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen talk about making your onboarding memorable

27:38 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss equipping associate doctors with the tools necessary to be successful and why training is the best return on investment (ROI)

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