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Video Transcription

Stephen Franson: Hello everybody. Welcome back to the Remarkable Practice. I’m Doctor Stephen Franson and I’m here with Doctor Matt Hubbard. So this is for anybody that knows you knows that this is just the manifestation of something that’s in your DNA and I love the story. It was beautiful in talking about how you were raised. Talk to us through the whole philosophy and how it was ingrained in you from your childhood of being raised in a farming and agricultural environment where there was a time for seeding, a time for harvest, and what your dad taught you early on.

Matt Hubbard: Yeah. Yeah. So my dad just brought in some of the best experts from Napa Valley and we started a vineyard in Northern California that turned in to the number one vineyard, more so that anytime you’re drinking a Niebaum Coppola wine, it’s our grape ’cause they still today buy all our grapes. I would watch my dad when harvest time would come, the lights would come out, he would harvest around the clock for sometimes up to three weeks. He would just tell me, "Son, when it’s harvest we don’t have time to let one grape hit the ground." And he would just say, "It’s time to buckle down." I would watch my dad put his head down. He’d be exhausted working out in the fields just three weeks. Seed time and harvest. And I learned a lot. I said, "You know what? That’s how I’m gonna replicate my life."

I read this book called Secrets of the Vine. It’s about just pruning and I watched my dad one year while other vineyards were growin’ up pretty big and we were on year three and we had our first crop. My dad invested all his money. It was tight. But what he did was, he was told by someone he believed in, a coach, if you go in and if you prune your vines, if you cut the grapes and let ’em fall into the ground, even though you need the money, even though there is a harvest, and you prune it back, what happens is those grapes will fall into the ground. They’ll enrichen the soil and a year from now your harvest will be six times more plentiful. And my dad said, "I’m all about long term success." He pruned ’em back and he says when you prune grapes … vines way back, they’ll struggle, they’ll struggle, and then they’ll explode. And I got to watch that happen as well where the next year we yielded crop that no one in the foothills yielded. Our grapes were six times as … You wouldn’t believe it. We won all these awards and I said wow. I got to watch that in action, where sometimes we don’t like to be pruned or coached or told. It hurts a little. I got to see a mighty harvest the next year. And so just those little tid bits on.

Stephen Franson: Man, that’s brilliant. Thanks man. That’s just beautiful stuff.

Matt Hubbard: Good stuff.

Stephen Franson: So, I’d love to have … rally some people behind your cause and I know you guys are workin’ hard just to preserve what it is we do and love. How can I mobilize my people to help you?

Matt Hubbard: Oh man. One, truthfully, be successful as you can in practice ’cause that’s where … When you’re successful in practice, in your marriage there’s gonna be some fruit and that’s gonna show up financially ’cause our profession needs chiropractors to step up and fight. We need your money or your time.

Stephen Franson: Or both.

Matt Hubbard: And if you don’t have the money … Or both. We need some time. We do need finances to protect what we love and so we need your support.

Stephen Franson: Yeah. Thanks, Pat.

Matt Hubbard: Yeah.

Stephen Franson: That’s Patrick Gentempo.

Matt Hubbard: Gentempo just droppin’ bombs right there.

Speaker 3: You photo bombed.

Matt Hubbard: Thank you. With that note, why say anything else?

Speaker 4: This is what it’s all about right here.

Stephen Franson: We’ll get Pat on this talking all about this later on today. How do they reach you? How do they find you?

Matt Hubbard: Oh man. Man, you know, it’s like Facebook you can’t argue with that now. I’m trying to … I have to hire a full time nanny and a full time Facebook nanny. No. You can email me or go to Shoot. I don’t know. I’ll see you at a seminar or something. I’m gonna start hanging out with this guy so you’ll probably be like, "Man, I’m sick of this guy’s face." I’ll be hanging out with your boy.

Stephen Franson: Alright. Bringing you another remarkable chiropractor, guys. [inaudible] remarkable.