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We are all familiar with the Pareto Principle – the 80:20 Rule…but let’s go deeper.

This graphic represents your patient base as a whole – 100%.

The first 20% to the left represents the patients that “no matter what you do” – they are not going to stay.

The last 20% to the right represents that group of patients that “no matter what you do” – you can’t screw it up. They will stay forever.

Then there is the middle 60%. This represents everyone else.

Universally, Chiropractors tend to dwell on the first two groups; and ignore the center. This is practice insanity.

Plan for, design for, work for, train for the middle 60%. Move them to the right.

Friend, gift, recognize and celebrate the far-right; and then focus on the center.

Forget the left-side 20% – you have no influence there.

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