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As the CEO, you love LEVERAGE!

There is no more highly leveraged step in your patient process than THE WORKSHOP!

One a patient goes to workshop, every visit gets easier…

If a patient does not go to workshop – every subsequent visit gets harder.

The purpose of the workshop is to:

1. Challenge and shape the attendee’s belief system

2. Equip them to get BETTER RESULTS FASTER

3. Recruit them to the Mission

You must create the space and time to make this happen…

If you do – you will create long term, happy patients who want chiropractic care.

Otherwise, you’ll be dragging people along until they quit.

Losing patients is off-purpose and bad for business.

Listen-in and discover the keys to powerful workshops.

Episode Highlights

00:37 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen introduce today’s topic, Turning Believers Into Understanders at the Better Results Faster Workshop

03:15 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen analyze three scenarios they have observed regarding the workshop

05:01 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen detail the process of converting believers into understanders by leveraging the workshop

06:53 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Innate Radiology

08:59 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen discuss the paradigm shift that is necessary within the workshop

17:15 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen stress the importance of Table Talk

22:01 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen talk about the inherent value of the workshop and why it must be important to you and your team

26:53 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen take a moment to promote Atlas Digital & The Remarkable Retention Immersion

30:43 – Dr. Pete and Dr. Stephen talk about the importance of showing up and sharing your heart and head

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