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Right now, you have exactly the business you deserve.

For some of you, that feels great because it lands like a “congratulations!” For some of you, it lands differently. You may find that convicting…uncomfortable…frustrating. All of these are great – because CEO’s operate from BRUTAL FACTS. This is a chance to get real and clear. This is also a perfect opportunity to make things better!

Whatever behaviors that are out of alignment with your vision and core values that you are tolerating right now is exactly what is preventing you from having the business and life that you want. Identify the behaviors you have been tolerating and decide what you are going to do about it, because you possess the power to make things better, starting today!

Episode Highlights

02:32 – Dr. Stephen explores where success truly lives in order to be predictable and sustainable

06:43 – Dr. Pete discusses the consequences of living out of alignment and tolerating the mistakes that it causes

10:01 – Dr. Pete shares what he has been personally tolerating that has been impacting him personally and his practice

16:44 – Dr. Stephen leads the discussion on tolerating the behaviors of your team and how it stems from your own leadership behavior

20:28 – Dr Pete discusses holding yourself accountable to standards and learning how to start over again when errors are found

26:09 – Dr. Stephen expands on how this act of tolerance expands to the behaviors that we expect of our patients as well

33:05 – Dr. Stephen interviews Dr. Justin Brown.  Listen as they discuss the mindset of achievement, creating an environment that generates success, and the importance of understanding that our practices are not individual ‘sport’

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