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Patients are people. People are sensory beings.

We respond and act according to sensory stimulation.

For example, when you first walk into a room that has a strong scent or new smell, your nervous system registers it and “translates and experiences the new input”. Our brain is wired to respond to contrast – something new. After a few moments, the smell is barely noticeable – our sense has been saturated.

We call this The Olfactory Effect.

The novelty of “the patient experience” is a lot like this. You’ve got to do something pretty extraordinary today to generate a buzz-worthy WOW response.

We have something very buzz-worthy: our message. The Chiropractic Principle is the stuff of legends. It’s a catalyst, an inflection point. It changes lives when told. It changed yours.

So why are some chiropractors avoiding, diluting or changing the story?

Evolution in health care technology is expected and barely note-worthy; but people can smell Revolution.

Tell the story.

In Health from Within,

Dr. Stephen Franson

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