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Remarkable Retention Immersion Chiropractic Training Collect Ideal Patients and Grow OCTOBER 19 – 20, 2018 Friday: 3 PM Registration, 4 – 7 PM Event Saturday: 8 AM Registration, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM Event Boston, Massachusetts “An Intense and Comprehensive 2 Day Live Training for Chiropractors and Their Teams on Creating Value for Regular Lifetime Chiropractic […]

Bring your chiropractic team and you…

  • Get 6 months’ worth of Training in 2 Days
  • Learn How to speak to patients for long term retention
  • Accelerate Your Skills and Speed Your Success
  • Don’t just Dabble in Training – Immerse Your Team!
  • Let Your Team Watch My Team in Action!
  • Discover The Step-Wise Systems for Patient Retention
  • Learn How To Build a Business – Not Own a Job

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The end of December is one of our most favorite times of year and it’s not just the holidays that excite us. Each year we launch our 2018 Body Signals marketing calendar and the awesome assets that come along with the program to our TRP Academy Members.

*If the thought of creating and implementing systems seem overwhelming, TRP Academy can help with transforming your practice!

We pre-empt their New Year marketing strategy with 12 topics for all 12 months of the year.

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The holidays can feel like time freezes in December, but January is just around the corner and our upcoming Chiropractic Team Building Immersion in sunny Arizona January 12-13th is coming up fast.

In fact, our Super Early Bird price is SOLD OUT. 

What better gift could you give your chiropractic team than knowledge sharing

and some Vitamin D in the dead of winter?

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Chiropractic Practice

Over the last 15 years, I assisted thousands of docs in the successful launch of their chiropractic practice. During this time, I am grateful to have helped build some of the finest chiropractic teams in the world – all over the world. Lucky me!

Even now, I am regularly reminded of one fundamental truth —

If given the choice between:

  • A+ Systems
  • A+ Chiropractors
  • A+ Teams

I take A+ Teams every time…and win.   Read more …

Want to give your team a REAL end of year bonus? How about an unforgettable team training in warm, sunny Arizona in the dead of winter!

The Remarkable Practice Team Building Live Immersion will take place January 12-13, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Are you wondering, “Why Attend An Immersion?”…

  • Get 6 months’ worth of Training in 2 Days
  • Accelerate Your Skills and Speed Your Success
  • Don’t just Dabble in Training – Immerse Your Team!

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