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Reports & Exams

To wrap up our retention series, today we will discuss the final step in creating Lifetime Wellness Champions – the Chiropractic Annual Review. If the Re-Report is the Wedding Day, then the [Annual Review] is the Anniversary. And JUST like the Wedding Day, the Re-Commitment to your practice and their wellness does NOT happen on the Report Day [Anniversary]. It happens all year long.

For the sake of review: Our goal was to get people to Regular Lifetime Family Wellness Care.

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As we have discussed week after week in our retention series, I hope you would agree that the theme is that your retention is a reflection of your clarity. Clarity in what you do, why you do it and how you do it. It is also clarity that comes from you, your team and your patients as well.  Progress Exams and Reports are easily one of the most important and powerful ways to create greater clarity – and therefore patient retention – in your practice.

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