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Patient Retention

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To wrap up our retention series, today we will discuss the final step in creating Lifetime Wellness Champions – the Chiropractic Annual Review. If the Re-Report is the Wedding Day, then the [Annual Review] is the Anniversary. And JUST like the Wedding Day, the Re-Commitment to your practice and their wellness does NOT happen on the Report Day [Anniversary]. It happens all year long.

For the sake of review: Our goal was to get people to Regular Lifetime Family Wellness Care.

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In our practice, we utilized the Wellness Paradigm. We addressed each patient’s journey towards Wellness Care in 3 distinct stages, with the final stage as the new patient re-commitment stage.

  1. Initial Intensive Care – Stabilize the problem and stop the damage.
  2. Corrective Care – The objective is to retrain the spine, function and health.
  3. Wellness Care OR Maintenance Care – Continue the care at the same trajectory OR Maintain their new level of health to protect their progress.

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We know that Chiropractic Patient Retention is THE key to building a successful practice. Solid retention is built upon the granite blocks of the Re-Exam and Re-Report.

Much of our attention is spent on the Conversion Process and as it should be! But all too often the Conversion Process is short-sighted. Don’t lose sight of the journey that conversion begins.

We must Attract to Convert – and Convert to Retain Patients.

Make sure that the reason that patients START care is the reason that they STAY under care.

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We’ve reviewed 5 of the Big 7 Pitfalls when it comes to Remarkable Retention. Typically, I’d dive next into Expectations as number 6, but I’ve beaten up the expectations topic enough recently. [If you missed it find more on it here] So I will save you some time and head to the final of the Big 7 – Patient Value Economy.

Also, we’ve gone over the theme of Clarity when it comes to retention several times.

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In surfing, the ultimate expression of good style and form is when a surfer is able to “get in trim” when riding a wave. Surfer’s often refer to this as being in the “Flow” as you feel as though you have literally become one with the oceans energy.

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Last week we reviewed the power of progress exams in creating GREATER CLARITY for our patients.  Now it’s time to unpack the next Remarkable Patient Retention Mechanism in the patient process: The Progress Report.

For the sake of review – we discovered that the real Value of the Progress Exam and Progress Report has been identified by behavior scientists as something known as the Hawthorne Effect. In short, as humans beings love to be measured.

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As we have discussed week after week in our retention series, I hope you would agree that the theme is that your retention is a reflection of your clarity. Clarity in what you do, why you do it and how you do it. It is also clarity that comes from you, your team and your patients as well.  Progress Exams and Reports are easily one of the most important and powerful ways to create greater clarity – and therefore patient retention – in your practice.

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I have had the pleasure to observe dozens of the world’s most successful chiropractors. Every one of them a genius in their own way. Each Chiropractor is unique in their approach to clinical care, team leadership and marketing.

It is incredible how different these practices are – it’s amazing, actually! But what really sticks out are their similarities. The consistent elements that live in each and every one of the great practices.

But one thing stands out above all things: The ability to talk chiropractic – and specifically – their ability to educate during table talk.   Read more …

Previously, we discussed the key to clarity when it comes to new patient retention for your practice. Patients drop out of care when things start to get UNCLEAR and as soon as things get wonky – they are gone. Your goal is to create greater clarity to secure your patient retention.

I identified 7 key Mechanisms in your practice – I call them the Big 7 “PITFALLS” to your Patient Retention.   Read more …