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We know that Chiropractic Patient Retention is THE key to building a successful practice. Solid retention is built upon the granite blocks of the Re-Exam and Re-Report.

Much of our attention is spent on the Conversion Process and as it should be! But all too often the Conversion Process is short-sighted. Don’t lose sight of the journey that conversion begins.

We must Attract to Convert – and Convert to Retain Patients.

Make sure that the reason that patients START care is the reason that they STAY under care. Be sure to establish clear objectives for their plans. This includes immediate goals to get out of pain or get rid of a symptom. Yes! We can help with that.

Next we move onto short term goals and long term goals. Make sure that every new patient is oriented to a bigger outcome.What do they want to get back to doing in your life once you’ve got your health back? Discover something they want and together you both commit 100% to this long-term goal to get their life back.

A Re-Exam is a complete Re-Evaluation or “Re-Peat” of the initial exam including X-Rays.

This Re-Exam is then followed by a Re-Report or 4th Report. This Re-Exam and Re-Report is typically done around the 3 month – 4 month mark in the patient’s care.  Many Chiropractors are hesitant to do these reports or put them off out of anxiety.

Let’s relieve you of this stress and also improve your retention with one OVER-RIDING TRUTH:

The Re-Exam and Re-Report is their report card – not your report card!

As the Doc, you show up every day and give 100%. Your patients must do the same to get the results that they want. Your job is to find and fix subluxations and tell them what to do outside the clinic. It’s their job to show up and do what they’re told will get them the results. You can’t do this for them.

Be careful how you set EXPECTATIONS in the beginning. Be mindful and deliberate to set their expectations right away by showing they’ll need to do in order to get the results they want. You will want to be clear that in 4 months you will conduct a Re-Exam that will reflect their actions.

And then we land ourselves at the following appointment at their re-report.

The “R4” Re-Exam and Re-Report is the unsung hero of Chiropractic.

Often times the Initial Conversion Process gets all the love and attention, but the Re-Exam and Re-Report / Re-Conversion is more of an “after thought”. This is a huge mistake. You should always be Converting to Retain.

Chiropractic patient retention becomes long-term in this re-exam and re-report process.

Let’s briefly review the skeleton of a 15 minute Re-Report you can utilize:

  1. Pre-Frame:
    1. Tell the patient what is going to happen on this visit, so they can settle down and focus.
      • Today we are going to review the results from your recent Re-Exam.
      • We will do a Before and After discussion.
      • We will revisit your goals.
      • I will give you my recommendations for moving forward.
      • Then we will get you adjusted.
  2. Their Commitment Review:
    1. Review the Three Legged Stool AKA Their Responsibilities.
      • Keeping Adjustment Schedule
      • Breaking Bad Habits
      • Adding Specific Exercises
    2. How do they feel that they’ve been doing so far?
      • Including my comments on their commitment – Good or Bad or Ugly!
  3. Results Review:
    1. Review Initial Findings:
      • Symptoms
      • Cause
      • Life Effect
      • Exam Findings
    2. Review New Findings:
      • Recent Exam Results
      • Compare iii. Report 1. Better 2. Next Focus
    3. Slow
      1. Need help here
      2. Break Bad Habit
      3. Add Exercise
    4. Re Visit Goals
      1. Immediate
      2. Short Term
      3. Long Term
      4. Have their goals changed? New goals?
    5. Recommendations: “Based on Your Goals and My Findings”

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