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Body Signals

The end of December is one of our most favorite times of year and it’s not just the holidays that excite us. Each year we launch our 2018 Body Signals marketing calendar and the awesome assets that come along with the program to our TRP Academy Members.

*If the thought of creating and implementing systems seem overwhelming, TRP Academy can help with transforming your practice!

We pre-empt their New Year marketing strategy with 12 topics for all 12 months of the year.

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Recently we’ve shared some serious insight regarding marketing your practice including new chiropractic patients referrals, opening, executing and closing workshops in our TRP blog posts.

And now can now have it all come together in one weekend. Our upcoming TRP Live Attraction Immersion Event is April 7-8th in Atlanta GA and we’d LOVE to see you AND your team there!

Plus a huge bonus —

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Last week’s blog focused on part 1 of 3 ways to generate chiropractic referrals during the early stages of new patient process.

As practitioners it is our responsibility to provide opportunity through the patient process regularly to offer up new referrals. Fact is, any new patient referral is the natural consequence of creating and delivering value from the beginning.

REMEMBER: “Asking for a referral is an act of kindness”

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As promised, this week we will go over the final portion of the workshop. I talk specifically about how to effectively close your body signals workshops to get new patients to book their initial consult on site. You will notice I strongly utilize case studies and engagement with the audience to make a real impact. So, let’s get started!

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As a Chiropractor, you ultimately you want to deliver INFLUENTIAL and REMARKABLE chiropractic workshops, right? Now that you’ve built some rapport and got the crowd thinking, let’s get down to the real, rich education. It’s time to empower your current and prospective patients. By using what I call the 10 Laws of Health below, you will truly wake up the crowd, if you haven’t done so already in your introduction!

I often start with this statement:

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Lately, we’ve been discussing how to use Body Signals and conduct workshops and today we’re going to deep dive into the very specific and crucial details of How To Begin Chiropractic Body Signals Workshops

If you haven’t watched it already, you won’t want to miss last week’s blog share: a value-packed video discussion with Dr. Jason Deitch on How To Implement Body Signals In Your Practice.

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As Chiropractors we are both practitioners and a business owners; therefore we wear many hats and today, my friend, you will get a quick lesson compelling copywriting! [at least for our purposes].

You know when you are watching a movie and some quirky character throws the “big party” and no one shows up? What a letdown.

Although most Chiropractors that I know, know how a throw a good party, they can still sympathize with this situation,

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Docs ask me all of the time; ‘Should we be talking about symptoms – or not?’ We know symptoms are the body’s way of communicating to us. People want to look good, feel great and function better. This is why in our office we call them BODY SIGNALS.

Your job is to show them you can help them. As their health adviser, you must be able to CONNECT WITH AND RESONATE WITH those people who are actively seeking a solution to a problem.

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