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Video Transcription

Stephen Franson: Stephen Franson coming to you live from Cal Jam. We’re in Costa Mesa, California, 2013. I’m sitting here having coffee break with Dr. Allen Miner.

He is a superhero in our space, an absolute thought leader. So I’ve had the great pleasure of being his friend for …

Allen Miner: 10 years now.

Stephen Franson: 10 years now. And he’s always up to something cool. So, these coffee breaks are all about finding the people that are making a difference in our profession. I have been blessed with some great access to some awesome people and you’re certainly one of those. So Allen, talk to us. What are you up to?

Allen Miner: Well, you know, the thing I want to use this space to talk about is radio. That’s my passion right now. If we have a chiropractor on the air in every community around the country, that’s big. I mean there’s so much influence that comes when you have a radio show for several levels for a person’s practice, but even that aside, you get the message of what we do and to change that into brand … In alignment with what we actually do.

It’s huge. And then not to mention what happens to, when you have the ability to paint the culture and talk about the culture of your office before anybody’s come in, the more you speak into that, those are the people that start showing up. Those are people that want to be at your office, those are the people that are there to buy what you have to offer. And that’s probably one of the biggest challenges in chiropractic is there’s a gap a lot of time between what we’re selling and what people-

Stephen Franson: What the market’s looking at.

Allen Miner: Yeah. And one of the ways we found to close down that gap is through radio. Because week in, week out, you know people don’t often call after hearing you the first time. They listen for awhile and then check it out. And when you’re painting a picture of who you are, what your office is, what you stand for, what your values are.

It’s a beautiful thing. And so you’re spending a lot more, a lot less time and energy talking to people who really just want you for something that they think chiropractic can help with rather than know, that wellness family, the lifestyle.

Stephen Franson: I love this. And it’s really counterintuitive because what you had hear today, so much in the popular media is that, you know, the traditional media vehicles are dead and there’s no … you’re not seeing a return from print and magazine and radio and TV like because everyone’s talking social media now. So you know, the big idea here is this actually, you know, are effective way to leverage radio, which I think is cost effective. And you know, with what you said that resonated with me around being able to draw in this really pre-qualified audience. You know, it’s like when you do a, an outside talk or somebody comes in as it guest from a workshop, you know, they’re hearing the message, they’re hearing what we do and when they raise their hand and say, “Yeah, I want to get checked.”

They’re saying yes to the right thing and they’re not just coming to the office kicking tires. So it’s great to hear that you’re getting that return there.

Allen Miner: And where’s the one space where people are still hopefully connecting, the car. You know, there’s such a push to not text, to not check your phone thankfully, that is one place people still flip on that radio. Even things like maybe television. I mean now people have their iPads or their phones, email, there’s a disconnect, but the car is still one space where people … Radio’s effective.

Stephen Franson: And so we’ve looked at that. We, we’ve done shows at different times, different days of the week.

Allen Miner: So you’ve done the research on demographics and when’s the most effective-

Stephen Franson: We have.

Allen Miner: Time, the most important stations, the most important times. And then the huge thing is what you’re putting in for content. And even how you deliver an invitation for people to come in to your practice. There’s such an art to that.

Stephen Franson: There’s a science to it.

Allen Miner: It really is-

Stephen Franson: I’ve seen you do it and heard you do it and you know, I, for my, the audience listening today is just like the people that we reach are, they’re always saying, “How can I get out into the community? How can I do this more effectively?” And you’ve nailed it. So we don’t need to recreate the wheel. My people need to know how to do this properly. What kind of resources do you have available? How can we get in your brain and learn from you?

Allen Miner: Awesome. Go on there, we’ve got an online course. It literally takes three courses is all it is, and it takes people through the process of how to find the right station, what the right station is, how to negotiate what you’re paying for it.

That’s maybe the biggest secret people don’t realize is you can buy that radio time and everybody in the community still thinks that you’re some kind of great expert that had some connections and were given this radio show. Don’t recognize that it’s basically a paid infomercial. As long as you don’t run the show like that, you can leverage it that way, and so on the site we’ve got some basic videos explaining what the program is and then the program’s a very simple three course module you can walk through. You’ll understand where to put your show, what to use for your content. We provide our most successful 15 shows, all the outlines so that literally a doc can just plug that in.

Stephen Franson: So it’s a turnkey, plug in, bolt on system.

Allen Miner: It is, but our vision is a doc in every community around the world putting that out on the airways and we’re going to see a change in what we do.

Stephen Franson: Oh man, I so appreciate you for doing this and putting it together. It’s something that’s needed and you know, it’s one, one more time on the URL.

Allen Miner: It’s

Stephen Franson: Okay.

Allen Miner: Check it out.

Stephen Franson: Great. From one remarkable practitioner to another. Follow this guy. he knows his stuff.