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Video Transcription

Stephen Franson: Good Morning! How’s everyone doing? This is Dr. Stephen Franson, coming to you live from Cal Jam 2013, Coast of Mesa California. Probably recognize this guy, new hot shot, an up and coming up start in chiropractic, Dr. Tony Ebel.

So, Tony, you lit it up yesterday. I want to know what’s your secret sauce? How you’re making such an impact at such a young age? I’m just stoked to get to know you and meet you. This is an opportunity for us to just get into your head. Find out what you’re up to. Talk to my people about: what do you see happening in pediatrics, what do you see happening in chiropractic, and how can they dial into their practices and open up the doors to seeing the entire family, because I know that’s what’s on your heart.

Tony Ebel: You got it. You got it. For me, my secret sauce absolutely would be, my favorite word in the world, certainty. I think what most chiropractors really have screwed up is they haven’t just kept seeking, stalking, getting to the place where their certainty meter is just filled to the roof. And with the science, art, and philosophy chiropractor, for me it was science. I’m a science guy, so I got my certainty through science. Which is cool for people who are science heads. Other people are going to get it through philosophy. Other people are going to be technique wizards, and get into the art. Whatever it is, you really need to get certainty in all three. But it’s important to have one that kind of pings your meter first [crosstalk].

For me it was certainty of the science. Then when I took that, and applied it to pediatrics, I was like oh crap. That sucks. A subluxation for an adult…yeah, nasty. Don’t like it. Hate it. But a subluxation for a child…that’s some B.S. And when I really understood intimately what was happening with subluxation to a child, I made my full life, my whole mission, about pediatrics. It is the easiest practice to grow. In a quick way. In a profitable way. In a loud, proud, bold way.

Stephen Franson: It’s so much more fun. One of my expressions is, “The fastest way to double your practice is only accept pregnant women.” [crosstalk] Exactly you’re at least doubling your practice. In the remarkable practice, one of our constructs is we talk about…and you tee’d me up beautifully for this…is the arc of life of your practice. So there’s attraction, retention, conversion. The order is attraction, conversion, retention. But that doesn’t spell ARC. So, attraction, is a reflection of your certainty. And conversion is a reflection of your conviction. And retention is a reflection of your clarity. So, it sounds like what you’re making reference to is the fact that…Number one, it’s about getting families into your [inaudible]. If you don’t have the certainty…and I love what you said there, about find what resonates with you. Find what you’re going to anchor to. And if your foundation has to be philosophy, then dive that thing. Get that structure. Get that in your DNA. And that’s going to get you the momentum to carry you into your certainty. Or, it might be your technique, and you may be the wizard.

I’m a Gandro. So many of my compadres – their strength, their certainty comes from their technique. And they stand on the shoulders of giants. It’s just having that certainty around their technique. And then others are…I think you and I probably sound like we’re alike here…the academics of that.

I love the fact that you’re taking that approach. Doctors ask me all the time…you guys talk to me all the time…Hey, should I do the pediatric certification? Should I do the wellness certification? Should I become a diplomate neurology? And my answer to them is always, yes. If you’re going to drive more certainty by having that education…and you know that…and you’re doing it from a creative perspective, not because you feel like you lack something. If that’s what makes you bold, and outrageous, and confident, and you can get up in front of people, and that is what needs to happen for you…I am very academic that way. I need to know that what I’m saying is founded and…I hate to use this expression…evidence based. If you gain strength from that, and that catapults you to that place of certainty and attraction, fantastic.

What’s the take away? If I were to go to your office…and I will, come and observe you, cause you’re the magic man with the children, and I love that…I want to know. What would my takeaways be? I need three things that I would look around your clinic, and say…okay, Monday morning- It’s in place. I’m getting a tour of your office. And you CA’s taking me around. And you’re doing the work. The place is lit. What am I going to see? What am I going to take away from it?

Tony Ebel: What I would say…and this is exactly what we have built into Ebel Pediatrics. This is the nuts and bolts of exactly what we have put into that program. To get that certainty. To get that attraction. To get that setup. So there’s three takeaways you can get from our practice.

First off, you see that it’s a system. I just think that’s a [crosstalk]

Stephen Franson: I’m a systems guy, so I love that. It’s music.

Tony Ebel: It’s an algorithm with which we practice.

Stephen Franson: It’s a recipe.

Tony Ebel: Absolutely. We know where we’re going. And we know how to take that system and algorithm. And if it needs a slight tweak for a child with autism, we make that slight tweak without any question. If it takes a slight tweak for a child with colic…slight tweak. Boom. We go. My staff knows it. [crosstalk]. It’s just plugged in and it goes.

And from there, the way we take care of the child is also really a system. What I’ve done with pediatrics is I have created, through that dive in the history…three t’s in a perfect storm…and dive into your exam. And dive into your scans. And be able to really interpret. So what you would really get out of hanging out there, is really a higher level of interpretation of what’s going on with a child. So that when you get that last level of interpretation…you have that down with certainty…I think the third thing would be communication. I really think we are a communication wizards. Gurus. To communicate to that parents. Communicating to our community the need for a child to get under chiropractic care. To live the chiropractic lifestyle is so much easier than people think it is. It’s amazing. [crosstalk]

Stephen Franson: It is easier.

Tony Ebel: It is easier to get a mother to apply the chiropractic lifestyle and the chiropractic adjustment to their child, than it…it’s infinitely easier, than it is to try to do that to an adult. I mean, Joe [inaudible] proved that yesterday. That’s what I was trying to allude to in my twenty minutes of saying…we have years of parenting when we’re an adult. I grew up in a horrendous lifestyle. That’s twenty years beaten into me. That’s tough for me to make that shift and make that change. But if a child’s only been there for eight weeks, or eight years, or whatever. That shift in that child’s innate expression can happen so much more. It’s just [crosstalk] and the parents want it.

So, I would say, what you get is that system, that algorithm. You get analysis, interpretation of what’s going on with the child. We are high level clinic, man. We know what we’re doing. And that’s where our certainty comes from.

Stephen Franson: We can help you. So, as a parent…I like to say I’m Doctor Daddy. The order’s wrong…you know…cause I’m Daddy first. When I talk to parents…whatever you hear me say to you, I’m coming to you first as a father. And then I’m coming to you as a doctor. Just to know that I will never say or do anything in the practice that isn’t the way I live it in my life and in my family.

Having that conviction, and coming from that place of strength, is all the parent needs. And I’m not afraid to be very direct, and loving, and come from a place of knowing that, the behavior is going to be dictated by the belief system. And recognizing that I’ve gotta start with Mom and Dad’s understanding of what we do. The belief system is the most important thing. The belief system organizes your behaviors. Behaviors predict outcomes. At the end of the day, we’re in the behavior modification business. So communication is everything. But the communication has to be steeped in authenticity. And it has to be couched in the language of love and objectivity. And it sounds like you’re wrapping that beautifully.

So, how do my people get with your people? How do we find you? How do we become friends with you?

Tony Ebel: What we have done…you can hunt me down on Facebook. Anthony J. Ebel. It’s my fancy name on there instead of Tony. But the number one thing I’d ask you to do, is go to, and dive in, and check that out. Really, that is my whole life’s work. It’s that system, that algorithm, that certainty, that I’ve blocked over the last five years. Working with David Jackson, deconstructed, put into a program. Put into a system, that people can actually start seeing sixty percent [inaudible] instead of point six percent [inaudible].

Stephen Franson: So David Jackson’s work is in the DNA of everything that you’re doing. This thing has been digested and expressed through your DNA. With the specific, targeted messages on pediatric…saving the children. Start with the kids. We want a new planet, we’re going to need to drop down a few generations, and really start changes today. So much easier to change the life of a kid, than try to fix an adult. And we all know it. We spend all day long doing it. So why don’t we do what we know to be the truth, which is to start them from the womb, and take them through.

So, Tony, I appreciate everything you’re doing to advance our work. Love you man. Alright, love you.