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Video Transcription

Stephen Franson: Hey, Remarkables. This is Dr. Stephen Franson coming to you from Lifebook in Chicago. I’m sitting here with my friend, Jeff Hays. Jeff, say hi.

Jeff Hays: Hey, guys.

Stephen Franson: You guys probably recognize this guy from the movie Doctored. You’re probably showing his movie right now in your office, I hope you are. Jeff, talk to us. What was the premise of the project, what were you trying to accomplish, and how are things going with it?

Jeff Hays: The biggest thing that I wanted to accomplish was just to get chiropractic a seat at the table. It wasn’t to get anybody to get rid of their medical doctor. It wasn’t to do anything earth shattering. If I can just get chiropractors to have a voice, the profession can make a profound impact on the country if the country can find them. Literally just getting chiropractors a seat at the table was the total focus.

Stephen Franson: Yeah, I think chiropractors chase their tail trying to figure out how can they convince people to stay under regular chiropractic care or consider going to see a chiropractor, what have you. They try all these marketing campaigns and marketing tactics, and they spend a lot of money on advertising and promotion, but at the end of the day what it comes down to is people just frankly just don’t know why they should see a chiropractor. It’s not that they’re not choosing to see a chiropractor. They just don’t know why they should see a chiropractor.

I think that your movie is going to make an enormous impact in just helping people understand the uniqueness that we deliver as chiropractors. I think that you’ve just done a huge service for our profession. First, I want to just thank you and recognize you.

Jeff Hays: My pleasure.

Stephen Franson: This guy is an awesome man and he totally gets the principle. He’s got a huge heart for chiropractors and for chiropractic. Meeting him, you’d swear he was a chiropractor. I don’t know why he didn’t become a chiropractor. Maybe he’s going to go back to school and become a chiropractor. That’s my secret mission here. Ultimately, when you meet this guy, you know that this is a champion for chiropractic. If we could take 100 Jeff Hays and put them out into the world, man, you could save this planet. Jeff, I know that you’ve got … you’re leveraging some other projects that are going to probably even be bigger than Doctored. Tell us about that. What’s the story?

Jeff Hays: We’re launching a couple of things. We have a project called UnDoctored. If Doctored was what was wrong with the system, UnDoctored is what’s right. What do we need to do?

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: What do we need to do with [crosstalk]?

Stephen Franson: What are the solutions?

Jeff Hays: What are the solutions to this? I’m doing two films at the same time because we can save a lot of money. You use the same crew. You film in the same locations. We’re also filming a film that’s going to be quite controversial called Bought that is about vaccine safety and how our medical system as it stands has been bought using vaccines, GMOs, and big pharma really compiled in one.

Stephen Franson: To illustrate what’s going on there.

Jeff Hays: That it really has been bought. Once again, it all leads back to like … I was not a fan of chiropractic. I wasn’t against it. I had no opinion of chiropractic.

Stephen Franson: Right. We weren’t at your table.

Jeff Hays: No. Literally today, I would never make any health decision or let any family member make any health decisions without consulting a chiropractor. That voice needs to be heard not just in my family. That voice needs to be heard on all the important health issues that we’re facing.

Stephen Franson: Right, right.

Jeff Hays: Mothers need to know this. The vaccine issue, the chiropractic community is, like everybody else, a little divided on where they stand. We’re going to look at not whether vaccines are right or wrong, but just look at the truth about vaccine safety, and that’s sufficient to start [crosstalk].

Stephen Franson: Let’s start the conversation. Let’s start the conversation.

Jeff Hays: That’s exactly right.

Stephen Franson: My position with it is I consistently tell my patients, look, your job as a parent or your objective as a parent is to have the healthiest children possible. That’s your objective. The people who make decisions around vaccination scheduling, their objective is different than your objective. It’s not about like … I have a son, Samuel. I have a daughter, Emma. My objective is to raise the healthiest Samuel and the healthiest Emma. That’s a different objective than the people who put together a vaccination schedule. It’s a totally different story.

My advice to them is to always say to their medical doctor, "Look, I trust you. You’re an important advisor in our healthcare team. Please help me access the information, the resources that show me, that prove to me without a shadow of a doubt, that the benefits outweigh the risks. Until you can do that, I’m choosing to not move forward with this topic." I’m not telling people what to say or what to do. That’s my position on it.

To have somebody like you come up here and objectively lay out, "Here is the story, here are the facts. Let’s start this conversation. Let’s start asking better questions." It’s too big of a question mark for us not to be addressing it. Again, on behalf of the chiropractic community, I thank you. Because this is not a chiropractic issue. This is a health issue.

Jeff Hays: This is a health issue. It’s a world health issue. This is one that … There’s a lot of people in the chiropractic community that have strong feelings. I really do … I don’t mind taking point on this, but I really would like to look behind me and see you guys standing there.

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: Because this is a scary position to take.

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: One of the producers I have on this film is Andrew Wakefield, who’s the British medical doctor who initially [wrote a report] saying there may be a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, and it deserves more research.

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: For pointing out that that deserves more research …

Stephen Franson: Deserves more research.

Jeff Hays: … they barbecued him.

Stephen Franson: Right. Ruined his career.

Jeff Hays: He lost his medical license. He lost his reputation. He lost is country.

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: I must state on a personal level, this is one of the finest men I’ve ever known in my life.

Stephen Franson: Right, right, right.

Jeff Hays: I will go and stand … I told him, "Look, I will stand beside you. Now you may find me like three feet behind you, but if you look around I’m there."

Stephen Franson: Right, right.

Jeff Hays: I really want that from the chiropractic community. Stand with me on this.

Stephen Franson: Take a stand. Make your decisions on what your position is. Educate yourself and make sure that you can have a salient communication about it. Decide what side of the fence you’re on, because you are also one of the trusted healthcare advisors of your patients. This is not a chiropractic issue. This is a healthcare issue [inaudible].

Jeff Hays: Who else is going to take a nondrug stand on this or any issue?

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: Literally, there’s nobody else to carry the anything but drugs first.

Stephen Franson: Or interfacing with the community.

Jeff Hays: That’s it.

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: What’s really frightening, and I don’t mean to belittle the chiropractic community, but there’s not a lot of it. There’s 60,000 chiropractors. The schools are enrolling less, not more. This little, small community is the greatest chance that we have of turning around healthcare in this country. If it’s not the chiropractic voice, it immediately defaults into drugs and surgery first.

Stephen Franson: Right. Right, right, right.

Jeff Hays: This means we need chiropractors to do the work of five or 10 people.

Stephen Franson: Absolutely. Tell me, you’re speaking to the chiropractic world here. How can we help you? How can we help Jeff Hays with this initiative and all your initiatives?

Jeff Hays: There’s two websites that I’d like everyone to go to, one is, and the second is

Stephen Franson: Okay.

Jeff Hays: There, literally you can participate, and we don’t every ask something without giving something. You can participate in being a part of this process. The truth is on Bought … UnDoctored, we have lots of ways we can finance it.

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: Bought is going to be radioactive. We’re going to have to crowdfund that project.

Stephen Franson: Through crowdsourcing.

Jeff Hays: Yeah. This means that we’re … Go to because this one, it’s going to done by getting thousands of people at $25 a piece.

Stephen Franson: Right.

Jeff Hays: Because there’s not anybody going to write a big check to participate in this subject. This is going to come from lots of people spreading it on their Facebook, lots of people joining in.

Stephen Franson: All right, so this is your chance, chiropractors. If you can’t get up and do it yourself, you can support financially initiatives that are worthwhile that are in line with our principles. Jeff Hayes, I appreciate you, man. YOu’re a huge chiropractic advocate. You’re a superstar and my new friend.

Jeff Hays: Thank you.

Stephen Franson: It’s been a pleasure hanging out with you.

Jeff Hays: It’s been good.