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Video Transcription

Stephen F.: Hey this is Dr. Stephen Franson, coming to you from the house of Dr. Matt Kan in Singapore. So how do our people get in touch with you if you’re interested in an adventure. What I’m hearing is you got a great vision, you’ve got a great mission, saving the planet, right? You’re shaping the future of not only chiropractic, but healthcare in Asia, alright? And this is an extraordinary opportunity to be trained and to really be equipped to become a great practitioner.

You’re a great chiropractor and learning beyond the chiropractic care, but the business of running a clinic and leading a team, etc. You really invest in your people, on the flip side of there, there’s an extraordinary economic opportunity as well. Cause I hear the numbers that your doctors are seeing and the money that they’re making, which is extraordinary. And my heart is that chiropractors should be the highest paid professional in town.

Matt Kan: Imagine if this[inaudible] will give it to us when we first [inaudible] Its incredible. There a place to go, they are trained well, you have people that supports you, you have the marketing team that will bring you before your very first day into clinic. You have 50-100 new patients waiting for you in the books, pay. Right? We teach you how to convert them, we teach you how to educate them, we teach you how to retain them, how to transform them into lifelong chiropractic patients, for them and their family members. And you get to make within your first year $200,000 US dollar in a year. And in your third year if you are successful, potential of making half a million dollars at the minimum. At the minimum. Its incredible. That was given to me. It’s a dream come true.

Stephen F.: I mean I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to coach some of your doctors and these are young guys and gals

Matt Kan: Young guys in their twenties making half a mil. A year.

Stephen F.: And I think it’s fantastic because my deepest feelings on this is that chiropractors who are financially successful come from a place of strength. And it’s not the source of their strength, but I think the lack of financial backing and resources is a very dangerous place for chiropractors. Especially young chiropractors to be operating from. So, the fact of the matter is when you have wealth and you have abundance in your bank account, its a lot easier to have an abundant mentality in your life and in your clinic. And that comes from a place of strength.

Sid used to say, “People are making decisions based on the principle, not on principle.

Matt Kan: All the doctors start with us … not with the mindset. Like a lot of doctors in America, they are thinking, “Where am I going to get the money to pay my bills? To pay my loans? To make ends meet?” Our doctors are here and they are seeing patients every single day and money is not a problem anymore because we are working with passion and heart.

Stephen F.: It’s extraordinary. So the opportunity is huge here, but there may be some people out there are saying, “Yeah well, I’m not ready to sort of uproot my life and go to Singapore or Indonesia or to China,” what have you. But you were telling me about a mission trip that you’re putting together. And you’ve got a heart for missions and I know you’ve got eyes on China and Malaysia, but you’ve got a mission coming up in October that I told you I’m in. So why don’t we talk a bit about that.

Matt Kan: I’ll talk about that. Asia … everyone is looking to Asia now. The whole world is coming to Asia. So if you’re not in Asia, you are missing where the game is, where the excitement is. So talking about the mission trip. Yes, we are going to have a mission trip. Our very first mission trip will be in Bali. Bali. And it’s going to be in October of 2013.

Stephen F.: So coming up.

Matt Kan: And we are picking only 20, just 20 doctors.

Stephen F.: 19! I’m going!

Matt Kan: 19. So 20 doctors. And we will be getting the news out to the various top universities and colleges in the U.S. So there’s been a lot of applicants.

Stephen F.: So we’re talking about a ten … it’s a ten day mission trip.

Matt Kan: It will be ten to 12 day mission trip.

Stephen F.: Okay, there’s a massive population of underserved people here.

Matt Kan: Massive population, yes.

Stephen F.: That just don’t even know what chiropractic is.

Matt Kan: Yes, you’ll be adjusting and adjusting and adjusting until your hands gets so tired.

Stephen F.: How many millions of people are we talking about on these little islands?

Matt Kan: Bali? Oh we talking about easily 2 million.

Stephen F.: How about Jakarta and some of the others.

Matt Kan: Oh Jakarta is huge. Talking about 30 million in Jakarta.

Stephen F.: So the whole region, the whole basin, how many millions?

Matt Kan: The whole Indonesia is talking about 700 thousand … 700 million.

Stephen F.: 700 million people.

Matt Kan: A handful of less than 10-

Stephen F.: And we’re going to bring 20 chiropractors this year. Next year it’ll be 200.

Matt Kan: To Bali, next year it will be 200

Stephen F.: I think you’re going to see 2000 applicants for a trip to Bali. Only because chiropractors have a huge heart for the world, and they also love to venture. So, you’re only taking 20, so what do they need to do to get involved in this trip? Is there an application process? How are you selecting these doctors?

Matt Kan: Yes, we’ll be sending out information, the application forms and what needs to be done.

Stephen F.: Mainly through the colleges?

Matt Kan: Mainly through the colleges.

Stephen F.: Website?

Matt Kan: Website. So you can contact us through our website.

Stephen F.: What’s the URL? Why don’t you tell them the URL.

Matt Kan: It’s I repeat

Stephen F.: Okay so chiropractic-FIRST, it’s org not dot com? Organization

Matt Kan: Hyphen, that is the dash right?

Stephen F.: Yes, it’s the lowercase or is it a hyphen.

Matt Kan: Hyphen

Stephen F.: Yes, I never know the difference. Or they can find me. Just reach out to me at the Remarkable Practice or or and I will get the information to you.

Matt Kan: Or they can email me, to my personal email. If anybody needs to-

Stephen F.: And what is that?

Matt Kan: It’s

Stephen F.: Okay, so, what kind of application process is it? Is it just a form online? Or do you want some kind of essay or what are you doing with it?

Matt Kan: Yes, you need to give an essay. You need to give a video testimony.

Stephen F.: As to why they should pick you.

Matt Kan: Why they should be picked. Why they should be involved. How they should be involved and who they are. So, you can sell yourself. We want only the best.

Stephen F.: Alight, excellent.

Matt Kan: Are you the best?

Stephen F.: Alright, well you heard it hear first. Dr Matt Kan, he’s looking for help in serving the Balian and Indonesian people, and then he’s going to need some help saving two thirds of the worlds population in China. So we’ve got big things happening over here. The world is a waterbed people, where it’s down it one area, it’s up in another area. And you are in the place where its up and happening.

I cannot believe the growth here. I cannot believe the opportunity here. We need help so principle chiropractors. Find this man, get in touch with him. You want to know this guy. He’s the gateway to the future of chiropractic in Asia. So Dr. Matt Kan. Thanks for your time. Thanks for being on the couch with us for a coffee break.

Matt Kan: Thank you. Thank you.