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Despite our greatest efforts – patients do often discontinue care.

We grieve each loss, we stress and fret – maybe even lose sleep – but what do we learn from each one?
Do you know where they are most likely to drop-off? How far into care do they usually get? At what point do the wagon wheels come off?

Every patient is on a path. This journey into chiropractic care is often a new and confusing walk. Major steps must be taken by every patient to move across the abyss between what they thought “they wanted” to get over to what “they actually need”. It can be likened to crossing a hanging bridge. With each step they move to a new “plank” on that bridge. Planks that we must place firmly in front of them – leaving no gaps.

If there is a gap – or God forbid, a missing plank – the patient likely falls-off.

Where are the gaps in your “bridge”?

The Forensics Report is a new addition to my Vital Signs Statistical Reporting Program. A good detective knows that the bodies laying around a crime scene tell a story. Do you know yours?