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I have become borderline neurotic about time mastery.  By no means does this imply punctuality – I have no authority there – but I have learned to master the moment.  For years I have been fully immersed in the study of focus, mindfulness and present time consciousness.  I feel the constriction of time’s economy and have committed myself to greater efficiency and effectiveness in every moment.  In this pursuit I have come to the conclusion that getting two birds with one stone is not good enough.  I look for the third bird.

I was recently asked to speak for a local small business owners organization about the power of referral.  Within this one commitment I was able to help other business owners expand their businesses while sharing the chiropractic story and demonstrating the very methods that I was professing.  In the Third Bird spirit, we recorded the talk, produced it and have made it available to other chiropractors who wish to make a bigger difference.  They benefit from the material and we’ve created a passive income stream.  Third Bird.

Third Bird mentality is powerful.  You begin to see opportunities that you were missing.  You experience greater abundance and reward as your productivity increases.  And ultimately, you sense greater fulfillment and peace of mind as you complete cycles and projects that serve you, your family and your purpose.

The Third Bird consciousness is contagious and has spread through our practice and our home.  If you have found your calling, are pursuing your dream or you have simply committed yourself to a life that will make a difference – get to it.  You don’t have a lot of time and there’s a lot that needs to be done – and done efficiently.  Move with intent and mindfulness.  Be swift and effective.  Remember, there is a third bird in there somewhere.

Now go do something,

Stephen Franson


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