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Chiropractic Workshops

When it comes to bringing new and existing patients into your chiropractic workshops, such as Body Signals, the bottom line is – talk about what people are talking about. 

There is an expression used if you want to make a big splash in modern marketing:

“Find the gravity.”

In other words, position yourself in such a way that you are the answer to the question that people are already asking. In the “Age of Search” you can quickly and easily find the question that your market is already asking.

Google has changed everything.

Your market is already out there searching for answers, they are searching for you and the answers that you are providing.

It is no secret that the modern consumer turns to “search” as the catch-all expert for the solutions that they are seeking.

Today, your perspective patients rely on the greatest source of information that mankind has ever had available – The Search Engine.

Your next New Patient is out there Googling for information. They have a problem that they want solved.

Are you coming up as a possible solution for them?

The harsh reality is that NO ONE is Googling “Optimal Health and Function” and landing on your website or walking in your office.

What they are searching for is answers to the immediate health care issues that they are facing and experiencing.

If you are smart – you will POSITION YOURSELF as an expert in that space – and the ANSWER to their problem.

We can only help the people that we attract.

Are people finding you?

The Body Signals Program creates the perfect platform for you to position yourself perfectly as the GO TO PERSON to solve their problem or in their minds – their ailment or symptom.

Once you get their attention – if only for a split second – will you get a chance to reach them. Position your chiropractic workshop message tactfully in your marketing as a solution to their problem.

If you can get their eyeballs on you, you will have a chance to share the TRUTH with them about what it will take for them to get what they want.

You can not rely on broad, vague marketing tactics for your workshops. You must MEET your future patients where they are and pull them in like gravity.

The only REAL SOLUTION to their problem is to get their health back.

Only then will you get the chance to step in the gap for them and show the way to better health.

Once you START THE CONVERSATION that will get them – and their families – back on track.

Leverage this opportunity to reach the people who are actively looking for you and in many cases would be considered your low hanging fruit.

The Body Signals Program will create the interactions that lead to New Patients finding you – and the solution that they are so desperately seeking.

Your “Body Signal of the Month” is designed to capitalize on the specific reason that people will contact you.

People have a perceived need, they have a WANT. If you ignore this “WANT” in your chiropractic workshops, you will be left out of the conversation.

Generally speaking, people want to feel great. This means more energy, less pain, better sleep or be better looking. All of these concerns start with becoming a healthier version of themselves AND you can help them.

Use this program to position yourself in the bulls-eye of the conversation that is already happening.

Popular media will be talking about the problem and potential solutions. Will they be talking about you? Have you been in contact with your local media and PR? Do they know about the solutions your practice provides your community?

This is the essence of modern media and communications. You can be the source for solutions IF you are mindful of the conversation that is happening all around you.

Get in the conversation and capture these eyeballs, because those eyes are attached to someone who is looking for you to help them achieve their goals.

Make your chiropractic workshop their next step on their path to find their way back to health.

Audience at business conference. People listening to lecture.

Just as vital to the quality of your attendees, you should also be working hard at getting butts in seats through your patient network. Your energy and concentration on them will drive your outcomes.

Tell your patients that YOU WANT them to be there, whenever possible. Tell them that this workshop is for them specifically and ask them who will they be bringing. Don’t simply suggest, outright ask.

You designed these workshops FOR YOUR PATIENTS. They know personally the effect your advice and your practice can have on lives, so utilize your advocates. Tell them to register at the front desk on their way out. They need to bring someone who needs to hear this message.

Do all of this with love and intention – and watch what happens.

The only thing that you’ll have to worry about is having enough chairs.