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Remarkable Retention Immersion Chiropractic Training

Collect Ideal Patients and Grow

OCTOBER 19 – 20, 2018

Friday: 3 PM Registration, 4 – 7 PM Event

Saturday: 8 AM Registration, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM Event

Boston, Massachusetts

“An Intense and Comprehensive 2 Day Live Training for Chiropractors and Their Teams on Creating Value for Regular Lifetime Chiropractic Care”

  • Get 6 months’ worth of Training in 2 Days
  • Learn How to speak to patients for long term retention
  • Accelerate Your Skills and Speed Your Success
  • Don’t just Dabble in Training – Immerse Your Team!
  • Let Your Team Watch My Team in Action!
  • Discover The Step-Wise Systems for Patient Retention
  • Learn How To Build a Business – Not Own a Job
  • Better Clinical Outcomes for Your Patients
  • More Fulfillment for You and Your Team
  • Growth and Prosperity for Your Practice

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Remarkable Retention Immersion