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We all want to be happier.  Even the happiest among us want to be happier still. Know this:  Harvard University is deeply engaged in the study of happy people.  They have teased-out the common traits and behaviors of the happiest people they could find.  Here are some of the high points: 1. Use your strengths.  […]

I am very “happy” to announce the launch of our long-awaited TheThirdBird Book of the Month Club! The first book that we will feature is Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage. In his Harvard University class by the same name; Shawn advanced the discussion around happiness and how it influences experiences and outcomes – and even predicts […]

  Think of the most challenging jig-saw puzzle that you’ve ever attempted. I remember mine.  It was a picture of a giant school of fish. Homogenous in almost every way.   The smallest detail was telling – the tones, the angles, the shadows…every line.  Hopeless – if it were not for the help of the box […]

This blog does not replace a great coach.  Yes you’ll get great ideas and inspiration, but a coach is so much more.  I have enjoyed incredible personal and professional growth due to incredible coaching. A coach provides a structure with standards and feedback.  Coaches help identify goals, illuminate clear paths and create accountability.  Coaches help […]