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When new chiropractic patients walk into your office, you can safely assume there is some anxiety or nerves on their end. Frankly, the world is a scary place with lots of uncertainty and cynicism, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Here is where your job comes in. It is your team’s #1 responsibility to put these folks at ease. As we’ve mentioned previously, everyone must be warm and welcoming at every turn. You want these people to think to themselves, “I am in the right place.”

Your New Patient’s first day in the office will determine if there will be a Day 2. At the end of the day, all patients are people and people all want very similar things.

In the case of initial communication, what new chiropractic patients look for most is the Empathetic Connection. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly that means and how it differs from other emotions or communication.

As I mentioned in my previously post, AARP did a study on the wants and needs of American Healthcare Consumers. One specific question was key, “What attributes are you looking for in a healthcare provider?”

We think you will find the answers astounding!

Here are the TOP 3 TRAITS American look for:

  1. Conviction
  2. Passion
  3. Empathy

Imagine? Three things that we as chiropractors can definitely own and embody – are the very things American are seeking. Chances are they are not finding it in their typical doctors visits and that is precisely why they take time to point it out as a priority.

Americans want clear and certain Docs, who are extremely passionate about their patients and their health outcomes. Absolutely!

Let’s talk a bit about that third quality: Empathy

If I asked you what that means, you may answer like most of the audiences of Docs have previously. You might say something like, “It means you are caring — you can understand others – you can feel what they feel.”

Though that is very close, it is actually the definition of compassion, not empathy.

The difference is that you can be SILENTLY empathetic towards a new chiropractic patient.

Empathy implies that you make another person truly feel like you UNDERSTAND how they feel. It means you understand their fears, their problems and their needs as well as their wants and their goals. You really GET THEM!

The #1 most important first step in the New Patient Relationship is making an Empathetic Connection.

This connection is paramount to the new patient conversion process. Without it, you don’t stand a chance at a long-term, meaningful Doctor-Patient relationship.

But how exactly do you do this? We will dock those specifics for a future post, but stay tuned.

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