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Think of the most challenging jig-saw puzzle that you’ve ever attempted.

I remember mine. It was a picture of a giant school of fish. Homogenous in almost every way. The smallest detail was telling – the tones, the angles, the shadows…every line. Hopeless – if it were not for the help of the image on the box cover.

Can you imagine trying to align the intricacies of each piece without that image on the box top?

I’ll suggest that your practice will be the most challenging puzzle that you will ever attempt. For so many, there is no image to guide them. No picture, no vision.

Do you have a clear picture in your mind of the practice that you wish to create? Can you smell the smells? Feel the textures? Hear the sounds? Can you close your eyes and walk around on the campus of your ideal life?

If you cannot, how do you expect to create it?

Start today. Start envisioning, imagining…dreaming. Get specific. Be detailed and thorough. Get granular. Have fun. There are no rules and no boundaries – there is only you and the thoughts about the life that you could be creating.

Link TLC video:

Now go envision it.

Dr. Stephen Franson

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