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chiropractic team building

If you’ve been following this series as we dive into Remarkable Chiropractic Team Building, then you already know the first 5 Steps to this list from this previous post.

The remaining 5 steps really put together the pieces for any CA. The final steps include some awesome TRP resources in the Academy – so if you’re not a member yet – NOW’s the time to take a peek inside.

Let’s get back to it —

6. Process and Procedure Manual

Equip every new Chiropractic Assistant hire with their own Process and Procedure Manual. This manual will be the key reference point for their training immediately.

The Remarkable Practice academy members receive resources to assist in building your own practice manual. What may seem like a daunting process, is well worth the time and effort if you take it one step at a time!

7. TRP Chiropractic Assistant Academy

Grant your CA access to the TRP Chiropractic Assistant Training Academy. This video training resource is a critical component of their ongoing training and cross references the CA Manual.

If you’re not already a CA Academy member, check in with your Doc!

8. Chiropractic Team Building Competency Checklist

Make sure every Chiropractic Assistant is assigned a Competency Checklist. This resource is provided to you as an Academy member. It will outline their Training Curriculum and serve as an accountability mechanism to track their training progress.

Set a specific training schedule – day and time – for your assistant. Attendance should be non-negotiable. Be sure to include preparation and performance (Role Play). This is a must-have tool for your chiropractic team building!

9. TRP Chiropractic Assistant Support Calls

Make sure that every CA is scheduled to be listening to and interacting on the Chiropractic Assistant Support Calls. Utilize the “Take Aways and Action Steps” Reporting PDF.

Your assistant should report what they learned on the calls at team meetings. Request that your CA provides suggested changes to the practice. This will instill accountability and a feeling of contribution to the practice from the get-go.

10. 7 Day Chiropractic Assistant Program

Start every New CA Hire with the 7 Day CA Training Program. The training program is a great starting point for hires who don’t know Chiropractic.

This 7 day program is a fantastic addition to your chiropractic team building! If you have few staff members and not much time, this a perk for team training.

There we have it – the final 5 steps to on boarding a new CA. This list sheds some serious light on all the resources available in our academy.

You may be a member who simply isn’t aware of them all or you might be new and intrigued to find out more! Either way, reach out to us and we can help.