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This month we focused on chiropractic team building and thus far we discussed the Check-In Chiropractic Assistant and the Check-Out Chiropractic Assistant. Each post talks about the best fitting personality types and the FOCUS and GOALS of each role in your practice.

But, as you know Building Your Remarkable Team doesn’t stop there.


Here are The Four Vital Roles of your Chiropractic Support Team:

  1. CHI-CA
  2. CO-CA
  3. TE-CA
  4. BO-CA

Now, we will discuss the TE-CA.

The Technical Chiropractic Assistant (Tech CA or TECA) position has many alias’s depending on your practice and your region. It is often called the Floor CA in Asia or The Clinical CA in Europe. We’ve coined it the TECA.

No matter what you call the Technical Chiropractic Assistant, please know that it is one of the most critical members on your Team when it comes to Clinical Excellence, the Patient Experience and ultimately and your capacity to Scale and Grow.

The Technical Chiropractic Assistant helps us Educate and Adjust.

I love what Dr. John Dimartini says about delegation:

“If someone can do something 80% as well as you can – Delegate it!”

Though it is my mantra, this is quite a struggle for me, so take heart if it is for you too. I am a natural “doer” not a natural “delegator”, which initially created major capacity blocks for my practice. Not to mention it left me generally exhausted!

My relationship with the Technical Chiropractic Assistant position has taught me the true power of delegation. It is vital to leverage to the skills and energy of your equipped Team.

With a TECA, you can serve more patients and create a greater impact on our communities.

The TECA is a liaison between the Front Desk and the Doctor from a clinical perspective. He or she is a Patient Advocate from a Practice Member perspective.

The TECA duties usually includes [but are not limited to] the following:

  • New Patient Office Tours
  • New Patient Consultations
  • Exams and X Rays
  • Progress Exams
  • Re-Exams
  • Consultations
  • Supportive Exercises
  • All supportive Procedures behind these Patient Processes

Often, the TECA will assume the role of New Patient Concierge.

In short, the New Patient Concierge is attached to every New Patient that contacts your clinic. Their job is to attend to, guide, support and manage each New Patient thru EVERY STEP in your process.

From the In-take Forms to the tour to the consultation, exam, reports, recommendations and financial Plans; the New Patient Concierge provides an extraordinary CONNECTION to your clinic.

Most importantly, they provide a REMARKABLE level of service that will drive your conversions through the roof.

REMEMBER that when building your Team – think positions, skills, strengths and then hire.

A Great TECA is a busy-body and LOVES it.

As a result, they prefer to move around and work with people. A typical Technical Chiropractic Assistant would rather die than live behind a front desk. Plus they are intrigued by the healing process.

In addition, he or she loves the clinical side of patient care and want to be involved in the management of each case.

They are naturally curious, interested and excited about Chiropractic.

Though you may not realize it at first, your Technical Chiropractic Assistant has a major impact on Patient Care, Results and Retention. A great TECA is worth their weight in gold.