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Lately, we’ve been discussing how to use Body Signals and conduct workshops and today we’re going to deep dive into the very specific and crucial details of How To Begin Chiropractic Body Signals Workshops.  If you haven’t watched it already, you won’t want to miss last week’s blog share: a value-packed video discussion with Dr. Jason Deitch on How To […]

As Chiropractors we are both practitioners and a business owners; therefore we wear many hats and today, my friend, you will get a quick lesson compelling copywriting! [at least for our purposes]. You know when you are watching a movie and some quirky character throws the “big party” and no one shows up? What a letdown. Although most Chiropractors […]

Typically, a Docs first hire is the Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant – who, at minimum, plays 2 Major Roles: Check-In AND Check Out Assistant. The evolution of this position eventually divides it into two distinct positions in your office. This “specialization” typically happens around a volume of 150 – 200 visits per week…depending of course […]